Audio/Video Library

Welcome to our depository of sounds from the worlds of free radio and media collage.
We welcome contributions to the collection – drop an email if you’d like to share.
Media Collage
Remixes of politicians, celebrities, and commercial messages.
Songs About Free Media
Pirate radio is celebrated across genres, in part because it’s a universal communicative aspiration.
Five Days Over Seattle
An audio document of free radio station Y2WTKO – broadcasting messages of resistance during the Battle of Seattle 1999.
Audio from the Mosquito Fleet
The sounds of microbroadcasters who conducted a mass occupation of Seattle’s FM dial, as an act of resistance and education during the NAB’s 2002 radio convention.
Guerilla Love Radio 2001 Sampler CD
One of Chicago’s most bombastic broadcasters document a year in the life.
NAB Meets Media Democracy
San Francisco protests the NAB’s 2000 radio convention.
Sounds of Shortwave
A 46-hour snapshot of North American shortwave pirate radio circa 2000-2001.
Mbanna Kantako/Human Rights Radio
Audio history and programming from this groundbreaking U.S. microradio broadcaster and station, on the air for more than a quarter-century.
Miscellaneous A/V Goodness
Other audio and video of note about microradio and our media environment, from a variety of sources.

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