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Articles on Mbanna Kantako & Human Rights Radio

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Mbanna Kantako

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This is a comprehensive list to articles about Mbanna Kantako, Human Rights Radio, and the Human Rights Information Network. They are sorted in reverse chronological order (newest being first).

IMADR Home Page Interview: Human Rights Radio
The International Movement Against Discrimination and Racism interviews Mbanna Kantako on the history and mission of HRR. (2/02)

The FCC Awakens
In the fall of 2001, the FCC began another sweep for pirates in America. This article provides some detail on the visit enforcement agents paid to Human Rights Radio-Decatur. (9/18/01)

FCC On the Prowl Again in Central Illinois: Decatur Free Radio Station Visited
Article from the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center details the August 27, 2000 visit to HRR-Decatur. (9/8/01)

Human Rights Radio Back on the Air in Springfield
After two raids in 2000, it was only a matter of months before Human Rights Radio defiantly took to the air in direct violation of a sealed court order. (3/21/01)

Godfather of low-power radio back on air despite shutdown
The Freedom Forum covers Human Rights Radio's two run-ins with the "law" - not surprisingly, the man behind the mic isn't worried about the future. (11/16/00)

Trading Shots - Part 2
Some details on the September 29, 2000 bust of Human Rights Radio-Springfield. Also contains two video clips of Mbanna, undeterred by all the attention. (10/8/00)

Feds Raid Mbanna Kantako/Human Rights Radio
This bulletin went out on the 'net alerting the microradio community. (9/29/00)

Free Radio: A Video Documentary
Impressive overview of the American microradio movement was put together by independent journalist Kevin Keyser; he graciously allowed us to use clips from the "director's cut," of which two feature Mbanna himself. (3/19/00)

FCC ruling won't affect low-power radio pioneer
During the hullabaloo over LPFM, Mbanna Kantako sat back and laughed his ass off...(1/2000)

Breaching the Matrix: Why Human Rights Radio Had to Go
Note: scroll down page to article #2.
Excellent commentary from Mike Townsend provides deeper implications for why authorities are trying to hard to put the screws on HRR. (2000)

The History of LPFM - Part 4
This page from our extensive history of low power radio in America contains the basic facts about Mbanna Kantako and the start of his station - which inspired the formation of a grassroots microradio movement. (12/20/99)

Kantako's Human Rights Radio Continues to Defy the Thought Police
Written by friend and comrade Mike Townsend, Townsend presents Kantako's case with strong argument and emphatic reasoning. (10/25/99)

Founder of microradio movement faces likely shutdown
News from the Freedom Forum: the FCC has been on a tear lately, but the man who arguably started it all isn't worried about losing his voice. (12/10/98)

"Ghetto Radio"
One of the first widely-publicized "schoolyard rhymes of the Revolution," these lyrics were published in Seizing the Airwaves: A Free Radio Handbook. (12/31/96)

Roots of a Revolution
A profile of Mbanna Kantako and the start of Human Rights Radio, as told by Metro Santa Cruz. (2/1/96)

Mbanna Kantako and Drugs
These are comments Kantako made during a visit to the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1995. You can also listen to his comments as a RealAudio stream from a link on this page. (4/13/95)

Liberation Radio, Springfield, IL's 1 Watt Powerhouse!
Yet another profile of Kantako's station during one of its earlier incarnations. (date unknown)