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Brazil: The place where they test tech before it is implemented
- Broadcast engineer Paul Thurst comments on Brazil's apparent decision to forego radio's digital transition for the time being. (Dec. 17)
Brave New Spectrum World: Proposal Would Accommodate Many More Users in a Sensitive Band
- Is the FCC moving toward spectrum-sharing? A new proposed rulemaking suggests it's possible. (Dec. 16)
"LPFM": How to Hold Up the Opening of a Market for 12 Years - A good backstory on just what the recent re-expansion of the LFPM service cost in terms of policy and spectrum. (Dec. 14)
The FCC ChairMayan's Last Dinner - Broadcasting & Cable reports on the inside jokes tendered at the 2012 Federal Communications Bar Association's annual gala. (Dec. 14)
Guy Wire on Nationalization vs. Localization - The common convention is that radio needs to be live and local to survive and thrive...but that's not the industry trend. (Dec. 13)
Representatives of HD Radio and DRM are received at the Meeting of the Advisory Board of Digital Radio - The test results are in in Brazil...and they do not appear hopeful about either technology. (Google translation) (Dec. 10)
Free Radio Pioneer Stephen Dunifer warns of "LPFM Deception" - The "Johnny Appleseed" of the modern microradio movement pulls no punches diminishing the importance of LPFM's expansion. (Dec. 6)
Translate This (Again)! Final Framework for LPFM/FM Translator Resolution Adopted - CommLawBlog breaks down how the two classes of stations will coexist to allow for LPFM's expansion. (Dec. 5)
FCC's LPFM order will make '13 good year for community radio - Radio Survivor hits the high points of the FCC's latest expansion of LPFM. (Dec. 4)

- REC Networks breaks down the FCC's latest policy decisions regarding an LPFM expansion. Also see REC's Summary of changes in the 6th Report and Order. (Nov. 30)
LPFM Advocates Exhale
- Radio World collects reaction from LPFM advocates following the FCC's vote to expand the service. (Nov. 30)
Human Rights Radio Founder Broadcasting in Springfield for 25 Years
- Springfield, IL's local public radio station does a feature on Mbanna Kantako has he celebrates a quarter-century of electronic civil disobedience. (Nov. 29)
AM Station Owner Has Hope for Band's Future
- Tennessee broadcaster tells Radio World that AM stations need to be live, local, an willing to take programming risks. (Nov. 26)
EBU Promotes Euro-Chip
- This hardware would integrate analog and digital radio listening into one component that could be installed in many devices. (Nov. 26)
HD Radio Receiver Totals Reach 10 Million - Most of these come with new cars. Meanwhile, iBiquity restructures itself for the dozenth time in as many years. (Nov. 20)
'ZoneCasting' Concept to Be Tested - Commercial test-launch to commence in Florida in early 2013. (Nov. 19)
Radio Revenue Flat in Q3; Continues Up, Barely, for Year - If it weren't for election-year adverts, the numbers would be down. (Nov. 16)
Padden Heading Spectrum-Sellers Coalition - Broadcasters are already jockeying to line up the best price they can for their DTV spectrum. (Nov. 13)

A Few Points About Channels 5 and 6
- The Broadcaster Maximization Committee explains its proposal to migrate AM stations to the FM band. (Nov. 12)
The NAB's AM Study - Paul Thurst does not hold out hope that digitalization can save the band. (Nov. 12)
BBC criticised for AM radio shut-down - Some listeners are not happy with the closure of some AM stations. (Nov. 9)
Digital Conference Tackles Issues - The European Broadcasting Union is still trying to figure out the best way for radio to navigate the convergence phenomenon. (Nov. 9)
Dozens of raids against pirate radio stations in Islington and Hackney - British radio-cops remain busy. (Nov. 9)
Verdict for Digital Radio in Brazil? - The country's tested both HD Radio and Digital Radio Mondiale...but there is no clear front-runner. (Nov. 8)
Emmis Testing Radio Smartphone App for 2013 Introduction - This is enticement to get phone-makers to include FM reception capability in their devices. (Nov. 7)
Australia Sees Digital Figures Rise - More than one million DAB+ receivers have been sold since the service launched in 2009. (Nov. 5)

Investment for Broadcasters to Go Digital - Banks are eyeing Eastern Europe as digital radio's newest frontier. (Nov. 5)

Radio switchover delayed as listeners shun digital - The U.K.'s analog-to-digital radio transition will not likely take place by 2015 has had been planned. (Nov. 5)
Slow growth for HD Radio - Current gives a comprehensive overview of the state of the technology among public broadcasters. (Nov. 5)
After Storm NAB Pushes FM Chip - Nothing like some good old disaster opportunism. (Nov. 2)
LPFM Will Likely Fail Again, Unfortunately - Libertarians blame LPFM's marginalization on its lack of commercialization. (Nov. 1)
NAB/CTIA Hurricane Sandy Twitter Feud - The broadcasting and telecom lobbies take pot-shots at each other in the wake of the megastorm. (Nov. 1)

Notable Headway for DAB in U.K.
- Yes, indeed: listening has jumped 2% from last year to this one. (Oct. 29)
Radio Eyes All Forms of 'Digital' - Radio World's reportback from the NAB Radio Show on the subject of ones and zeros in broadcasting. (Oct. 26)
What Pai Said About AM Rules - Radio World excerpts the relevant pieces from his address to the NAB Radio Show. (Oct. 24)

Hong Kong's Digital Broadcasting Corporation Ends Broadcasts
- A funding crunch takes the company off the digital airwaves. (Oct. 19)
Will Digital Radio Mondiale Save Shortwave Broadcasting? - The jury's still out, though the prognosis is not good. (Oct. 18)
Digital Switchover for Denmark in 2019
- Provided that half of the country's radio listening is in digital by 2018.... (Oct. 15)
Prometheus Lobbies FCC on LPFM
- Inside-baseball regarding the run-up to the service's expansion. (Oct. 12)
Smulyan Says Tenor of FM Chip Talks Changed - The president/CEO of Emmis Communications waxes optimistically about getting radio into smartphones. (Oct. 11)
Some Common Misperceptions About Incentive Auctions, and Why They Matter - An excellent policy-overview of the FCC's DTV channel-repurposing plan, courtesy of Harold Feld. (Oct. 11)
Station Chosen for All-Digital AM Test - Broadcasters are keeping their plans to experiment with full AM-HD very close to the vest. (Oct. 11)
Goodnight, sweet prince: Sealand's founder dies at age 91
- Sealand was once a platform for radio pirates seeking asylum for their stations. (Oct. 10)
Migrating the existing AM stations to former TV channels 5 and 6 - Paul Thurst doesn't think it's a bad idea...but it's not likely to work everywhere. (Oct. 10)
AM Radio Improvement Plan
- Broadcast Engineer Paul Thurst has a few simple suggestions. (Oct. 3)

FCC to buy out TV broadcasters to free up mobile spectrum
- A good primer about the process to repurpose DTV channels for wireless broadband, courtesy of Ars Technica. (Sept. 28)
AM: Drop the Gloom and Doom
- Long-time California AM broadcaster says the band's salvation can be found in a reinvestment in quality content. (Sept. 27)
Three takes on how many new LPFM's might be in major markets - The Prometheus Radio Project, REC Networks, and NPR Labs all consult their crystal balls. The answer: not many. (Sept. 25)
Emmis' Smulyan Says Radio is Poised to Subsidize Carriers on FM Chip - Yes, broadcasters are willing to pay to get radio reception into smartphones. No hard numbers, though. (Sept. 21)
HD Proponents Encourage More Owners to Implement Artist Experience - Radio-with-pictures: digital radio's "killer app"? (Sept. 21)
Film to depict New Zealand's offshore radio pirate - Big plans in the works for a documentary on Radio Hauraki. (Sept. 19)

Optimism Infuses Grassroots Conference - Jennifer Waits reports back on the 2012 Grassroots Radio Conference. (Sept. 19)
Translator/LPFM Issues in Spotlight - Discussion of how the two classes of stations may live harmoniously. (Sept. 17)

Ben Downs: AM Needs Technological Help - Texas broadcaster laments increased interference on the AM band. (Sept. 13)
Harris, Geo-Broadcast Solutions Test ZoneCasting - In preparation for a more widespread field test within the year. (Sept. 12)
Leonard Kahn Was an AM Advocate - Broadcast-colleagues pay tribute to this radio pioneer. (Sept. 7)
Mexican Broadcaster Says Digital Conversions On-Track - The government's own radio group says it's committed to rolling out HD Radio on two dozen stations. (Sept. 5)

The Great Translator War
- An excellent overview of the explosion in secondary-stations-as-primary-stations from Radio World. (Aug. 23)
DAB+ Advances in Switzerland
- 1/3 of all Swiss households now have a digital radio receiver of some kind. (Aug. 20)
Fifth Circuit Short Circuit: Court of Appeals Limits Rights of FCC Forfeiture Defendants
- This case may constrict the rights unlicensed broadcasters can assert in court going forward. (Aug. 20)
All-Digital AM Tests Considered
- Radio World previews the implications of radio's legacy band going digital. (Aug. 17)
Stearns Defeated in Florida GOP Primary - One of the NAB's major water-carriers in Congress is shown the door. (Aug. 17)
Radio DJ Who Replaced Classical Music With Rap Faces the Music - A dumbass in Florida interferes with a public broadcaster and gets arrested for his technical stupidity. (Aug. 11)

Pirate DJ replaced serene South Florida classical music with rap, vulgar language - Yet another arrest in Lauderdale Lakes under Florida's anti-pirate law. (Aug. 9)
Thailand Eyes DAB+ - Broadcast officials visit Australia, to see how that country's digital radio transition is progressing. (Aug. 8)
FM Chip Issue Stays in Front of Congress - Broadcasters and electronics manufacturers spar over the radio industry's crusade to put receiver functionality in smartphones. (Aug. 7)
DRM+ Tested in More Countries - The U.K., Italy, and India consider an alternate technology for digitizing FM radio. (Aug. 3)
DAB+ Digital Trials Extended in Australia - Tests broadcasts in several provinces will continue for another year. (Aug. 2)
Digital Radio Worldwide, Explored - Radio World provides its annual overview of the proliferation of digital radio broadcast technologies around the globe. (Aug. 1)
The digital radio revolution is coming...but not yet - How can the U.K. turn off its analog AM/FM stations when two-thirds of all radio listening is still analog? (Aug. 1)
Bacterial Bio-Radio - Using synthetic biology to literally grow your own radio receiver. (August)

Community radio broadcasters and builders converged at GRC 2012
- Radio Survivor's Paul Riismandel attended the conference and offers this reportback. (Jul. 31)
Pirates Plunder the High Cs
- A profile of the expanding pirate radio scene in Australia. (Jul. 29)
Two Legendary Brooklyn Radio Pirates Take Their Act Onto the Internet
- A Profile of Hank Hayes and Jim Nazium - still at it after more than 40 years. But can the internet really replace/stand in for traditional illicit broadcast outlets? (Jul. 29)
Nashua radio station TheBeat 87.9 has no FCC license
- The giveaway is the frequency, Nashua Telegraph. Broadcasters hate the station, but its operators are giving back to the youth of the community. (Jul. 28)
Smulyan Hopeful on FM Chip Issue
- Of course the point-man for broadcasters' attempts to put radios in smartphones will put on a happy face to the FCC. Those who make the phones are resistant. (Jul. 24)
Wireless Phone Makers Ask FCC for "Light Regulatory Touch" on FM Chips
- Not like the FCC can mandate phones to become radios, but the Consumer Electronics Association is taking no chances. (Jul. 20)
Broadcasters should man up and compete
- The Consumer Electronics Association's CEO excoriates broadcasters in The Hill for trying to force AM/FM reception functionality into smartphones. (Jul. 19)
FCC Hiring: Why is recruiting of lawyers so different than for engineers?
- The former is logical, but the latter's a mess, according to Michael Marcus. (Jul. 18)
NAB - HD Radio Install Base Grows
- But if you look beyond the hype, you see that the growth is not all that impressive. (Jul. 18)
HD Radio Sees Steady Rise in Auto Penetration
- This according to iBiquity, but the numbers are still anemic. (Jul. 17)
Your Thoughts on "Where the Engineers Went"
- Reader-response to Radio World's examination of the greying of broadcast engineering is diverse and quite insightful. (Jul. 17)
Digital Local Radio Advances in Norway
- Regulators are going to test the concept of individualized DAB infrastructure. (Jul. 16)
How Many FM-Equipped Cell Phones Are There, Really?
- According to Radio World, it depends on whether you're asking broadcasters or cell phone manufacturers. (Jul. 13)
Study Says Some Women Listeners Confused About HD Radio
- The majority of women surveyed don't know if the service is free, or how to listen to it. (Jul. 13)
Broadcast Engineers Grow Older, More Settled
- Radio World looks at the industry response to the aging of the vocation. (Jul. 12)
"I'd die for radio" - MC Sniper's pirate radio DJ guide
- Radio Survivor profiles the spoof-series about pirate radio in the U.K. (Jul. 11)
All digital AM IBOC testing: Ten pounds of dung in a five pound bag, still
- Broadcast engineer Paul Thurst is unimpressed with the industry's push to consider fully digitizing the AM band. (Jul. 7)
U.K. Radio Industry, Government Pledge £21 Million to Local DAB - It's the largest investment in years in what is effectively a stalled proliferation. (Jul. 6)
CTIA Calls FM Chip Emergency Communications Claims "Silly" - Phone companies are not keen on smartphones doubling as FM radio receivers. (Jul. 5)
Challenges for French DAB - Radio France may opt out of the digital transition altogether. (Jul. 4)
FM Chip Issue Gets FCC Attention - Broadcasters, phone companies, and phone manufacturers are jockeying for the ears of Commissioners. (Jul. 3)
The Supreme Court Does Not Want to Revisit Constitutionality of Broadcast or Cable Regulation, Get Over It and Get On With Life - Harold Feld debunks the notion that judicial intervention will change the landscape of radio or television. (Jul. 3)
Word of AM Stereo Patent-Holder Leonard Kahn's Death Spreads - Radio World has industry reaction. (Jul. 3)

The Death Star strikes again
- Paul Thurst finds a locked-up HD Radio exciter out on the job...and listeners didn't seem to notice. (Jun. 30)
All-Digital AM Tests on the Table
- The NAB's Radio Engineering Committee says such a transition may be the economic salvation of AM broadcasting; first, to see if the technology actually works. (Jun. 28)
Cox and Emmis Join iHeart - Two more broadcast conglomerates team up with Clear Channel's play to corner the market on streaming broadcast stations. (Jun. 27)
Yahoo and Clear Channel Forge Digital Radio Partnership - Yahoo will use as its exclusive purveyor of content for radio; in exchange, Yahoo will promote iHeartRadio extensively. (Jun. 27)
Hong Kong Expands DAB Network - DAB service can now be picked up in 70% of the country. (Jun. 26)
VPO, VCR Unite for DAB+ in the Netherlands - Public and private broadcasters sign a memorandum of understanding regarding the digital radio transition. (Jun. 25)
Radio Dithers, Tim Smiles - Broadcast consultant Fred Jacobs explains how new on-demand streaming services like Pandora continue to erode traditional broadcasting's audience. (Jun. 20)
Saga to limit streaming to top 100 markets, points to high costs - Saga becomes the first terrestrial broadcaster to back away from the online world. (Jun. 15)
Organizers prep for next wave of low-power FM - Current profiles the way the Prometheus Radio Project and other interested orgs are gearing up for an expected 2013 filing window. (Jun. 11)
If the Broadcast/Newspaper Cross-Ownership Rule Falls, Will it Make a Sound? - Neoliberal communications lawyer says the troubled economics of the newspaper business make it a prime candidate for a marriage with broadcasters. (Jun. 7)

Dominican Republic Dips Toes Into HD Radio
- Regulators have high hopes for the technology, but not a lot of stations on which to implement it. (May 24)
Cell Tower Deaths
- PBS Frontline and ProPublica team up for a scathing expose regarding the safety of those building the U.S. wireless broadband network. (May 22)
How Location-Based Services Are Reinventing Radio
- Geolocation may be a long-term game-changer for both advertisers and listeners, provided the technology to implement it is properly designed and implemented. (May 16)
Pirate Radio Goes Legit
- The East Bay Express previews the opportunities for LPFM stations in the San Francisco area, a historic hotbed of unlicensed broadcasting. (May 16)
More Decisions to Come in Translator/LPFM Scrum
- The FCC still has to resolve the Great Translator Invasion and AM broadcasters' hunger for access to the FM dial. (May 14)
Should FCC Eliminate LP10 Class? - A roundup of comments filed in the latest LPFM rulemaking. (May 11)
NAB: 81% Cellphone Owners Would Consider Paying for FM on Device - Prepping the field for a legislative campaign to mandate FM/phone interoperability. (May 9)
European Parliament: AMARC affirms its commitment for media pluralism and a fair access to the analog as well as digital spectrum - It's a multi-point platform, and it remains to be seen whether it'll find traction at the nation-state level. (May 8)

Local filmmaker Wayne Hepler sheds light on pirate radio
- Is working on a documentary creatively entitled "The Pirate Radio Documentary," to be released in 2013. (Apr. 28)
Radio Is About to Get Better
- In These Times thinks big about the pending LPFM expansion. (Apr. 28)
HD Radio smartphone prototype lands with a thud
- Radio Survivor does not give high marks to the device's debut. (Apr. 26)
FCC Invites Input on FM Booster Proposal
- Includes a link to the ZoneCast petition for rulemaking. (Apr. 25)
The Debate About FM Goes On and On - Radio Ink suggests that it's more likely to get analog FM chips into cell phones than HD ones, though either are questionable bets. (Apr. 25)
Throwing digital radio switch will be a challenge - Will the U.K. be ready to sunset analog broadcasting by 2015? (Apr. 25)
FM Boosters: The Next Source of Originated Programming? - CommLawBlog examines the ZoneCast proposal. (Apr. 24)

Broadcasters Hopeful About FM Chip Talks
- The key will be to get wireless carriers to buy into the idea of having FM reception in smartphones. (Apr. 23)
Innovate In-House for HD Radio - A plea for broadcasters to do something useful with their HD-2 and -3 multicast channels. (Apr. 19)
HD Radio Launches in Mexico City - Three broadcasters are now on the air in FM-HD. (Apr. 18)
Geo Broadcast Solutions Talks About Its 'ZoneCasting' Plan - Exploring the possibility of splitting up the coverage area of an FM station into specialized slices. (Apr. 17)
Radio Closer to Mobile 'Sweet Spot'? - The NAB hopes to get FM-HD chips into smartphones, but it will be an uphill battle. (Apr. 17)
Is the New HD FM Radio Chip a Game Changer? - Radio Ink explores the question, comes up with an inconclusive answer. (Apr. 16)
Digital Boost in Australia - Sales of DAB+ receivers are running ahead of projections. (Apr. 12)
New technology would allow radio to segment, hyper-target different geographies within a single station's coverage - Synopsis of Geo Broadcast Solutions' ZoneCast proposal. (Apr. 9)
Schwartzman's Closing MAP Thoughts - The driving force behind the Media Access Project speaks with Radio World about the shop's closure and illustrious history. (Apr. 4)
DvG2: KDRP Takes on Clear Channel - A Texas LPFM spars with the nation's largest broadcaster over interference problems. (Apr. 3)
Media Access Project to Close - After nearly 40 years of fighting for media policy in the public interest. Succumbs to lack of funding. (Apr. 3)
Retired Navy air traffic controller to do community service for running pirate radio station - Albert Kneighten of Fort Meyers may be the first person convicted and sentenced under Florida's anti-pirate law. (Apr. 3)
The Day the Public Interest Died: Media Access Project Shuts its Doors After 40 Years of Public Service - Harold Feld, who worked with MAP to secure some major media reform victories, reminisces on his time with the organization. (Apr. 3)
Digital radio penetration reaches on in ten households - Australians seem to be warming up to DAB+. (Apr. 2)
Translate This! FCC Breaks LPFM/FM Translator Logjam - CommLawBlog covers the FCC's proposal to find some semblance of "parity" between LPFM stations and translators (Apr. 2)

Beasley: Revenue May Be Fragile, But Radio Industry Is Strong
- The EVP of Beasley Broadcasting talks about the NAB's desire to "transform" the AM broadcast band. (Mar. 29)
Pirate radio station owner avoids jail time
A local TV station covers the case of Albert Kneighten and his microbroadcasts to Fort Myers. (Mar. 28)

FCC Clarifies Rules for LPFM - Part 2 - Interference to Full Power FM Stations - The Broadcast Law Blog unpacks the FCC's proposal to open the airwaves for more LPFM stations. (Mar. 26)
FCC Clarifies Rules for LPFM - Part 1 - What to Do With FM Translator Applications From the 2003 Filing Window, and Using Translators for the Rebroadcasting of AM Stations
The Broadcast Law Blog examines the FCC's proposal to limit the expansion of translator service in order to make room for LPFM stations. (Mar. 25)

French Prepare for Digital Radio Launch - After fits and starts, the country plans to award licensed for new DAB and/or DAB+ multiplexes. (Mar. 22)
Reactions to the FCC's LPFM ruling - Radio Survivor rounds up some perspectives on the FCC's plan to expand LPFM. (Mar. 22)
Should FCC License LP250, LP10s? - These are some of the questions the FCC has yet to answer in its LPFM rulemaking. (Mar. 22)
Making Community Radio a Reality - Exploring the potential of an LPFM expansion. (Mar. 21)
FCC decides fate of translators...proposes new LPFM rules - REC Networks provides a comprehensive synopsis of the FCC's latest LPFM Report and Order. (Mar. 20)
FCC decision strikes critical blow to right-wing radio dominance - The Raw Story waxes overly poetic about the progressive potential of an LPFM expansion. (Mar. 20)
Rush Limbaugh and the revenge of old media - Ars Technica's takeaway from the "slut" controversy: "Radio still matters." (Mar. 20)
Do the Murdochs Have the Requisite "Character" to Maintain Their FCC Licenses? - It's a little-invoked clause in the FCC licensing process, but it could have grave implications for News Corporation, provided there's the political will to explore it. (Mar. 14)
Growth Seen for Digital Abroad - Is the DAB situation in Europe improving? Radio World seems to think so. (Mar. 14)
Resistance is in the Airwaves: By Any Media Necessary - Media justice organizations are gearing up for the opportunity to apply for new LPFM stations. (Mar. 14)
Unlicensed low-power transmitters fuel SXSW Decentralized Dance Party - Who needs a club when you can take the venue with you? (Mar. 13)
This is just wrong - Paul Thurst laments the growing shadow market for FM translator stations. (Mar. 10)

Clear Channel's mystery comment to the FCC - One gets the sense that the company would like to leverage its broadcast outlets to grow its online business, as opposed to the other way 'round. (Mar. 9)
Amherst Alliance to FCC: Don't Forget About 10 Watt LPFMs - Making an impassioned plea to actualize the part of the LPFM service that's never been implemented. (Mar. 8)
The death rattles of AM, then FM - Doc Searls doesn't believe the medium has much of a future as a stand-alone entity. (Mar. 7)
Clear Channel's Directors Give Big to Romney, Who Won't Criticize Limbaugh - Exploring the corporate ties between Clear Channel and Bain Capital, Romney's money-machine. (Mar. 6)
Revolution on the Radio - The Nation highlights the connection between community media and the flourishing of protest activity in the United States. (March)

Full-Service FMs, LPFMs Battle for Spectrum
- NPR resurrects the canard that LPFM stations pose an interference threat to its full-power outlets. (Feb. 29)
Peter Doyle on LPFM and Translators
- The chief of the Audio Division of the FCC's Media Bureau hints that LP-10 stations may never come to fruition. (Feb. 26)
On Behalf of the 1%, the Best Bargain Since Manhattan
- Although television broadcasters may give up some of their DTV spectrum for wireless broadband, they stand to reap $200 billion in the process. (Feb. 23)
LPFMs Draw Small But Loyal Fan Base
- Radio World analysis of the FCC's LPFM economic impact study. (Feb. 22)
Last Tango in Translator-Land?
- The FCC seems prepared to crack down on the process of "hopping" FM translators from minor to major markets. (Feb. 21)
Congress Opens Door for Spectrum Repurposing, Incentive Auctions
- CommLawBlog gives a good overview of the nuts and bolts of plans to repurpose DTV spectrum for wireless broadband. (Feb. 18)
DAB+ Tests in Geneva
- The HQ of the European Broadcasting Union rolls out a demo station. (Feb. 17)
The Final Score on Spectrum Legislation - Harold Feld breaks down the implications of a new law to repurpose some DTV spectrum for wireless broadband. (Feb. 17)
Broadcasters discuss whether the benefit on an iHeartradio listing outweighs the cost
- On second thought, most may not want to be part of Clear Channel's efforts to consolidate online terrestrial radio broadcasting. (Feb. 16)
FCC FY2012 Budget Request Submitted to Congress
- Of note, the Enforcement Bureau would like additional staff and a significant upgrade to their field equipment. (Feb. 14)
NON-PROFITS: How would YOU use a radio station? - The Prometheus Radio Project spreads word of the next LPFM filing window in Tucson, Arizona. (Feb. 13)
FCC Letter Questions Multi-Hop Move of FM Translator
- Just how cagey are broadcasters getting with the rules of "rebroadcasting"? (Feb. 14)
10,000 LPFM Applications?
- That is one guesstimate from one Austin-based community radio organizer. (Feb. 10)
iHeartRadio's reported exclusivity requirement worries some - Clear Channel's online platform wants your broadcasts as their own. (Feb. 8)
Pirates, Pirates Everywhere - Fines Up to $25,000 for Unlicensed Radio Stations - The Broadcast Law Blog scratches its head over the continued strength of unlicensed broadcasting in the U.S. (Feb. 2)
UK digital radio numbers not pretty - The likelihood of an analog-to-digital transition for radio next year is diminishing. (Feb. 2)

Indigenous Mayans in Guatemala rely on pirate radio
- Radio Survivor looks into this important hyperlocal scene through the profile of Radio Ixchel. (Jan. 31)
Meeting to decide future of DAB - Broadcasters and regulators in the U.K. are still divided on just how to move forward the country's stagnant digital transition. (Jan. 27)
Proponents Want Uneven FM Sideband Power Approved Quickly - It's one of two last-ditch tweaks designed to improve FM-HD service. (Jan. 27)
HD Radio Awareness Declines
- This does not portend well for the United States' digital radio transition. (Jan. 24)
Prometheus: LPFM Window Now Expected in Late 2012 - Let's hope nothing inhibits this opportunity, nearly ten years overdue. (Jan. 24)
HD Radio: Zero Progress in Consumers' Knowledge - In fact, it would appear radio listeners actually care less about the technology than when it first debuted a decade ago. (Jan. 20)
Survey: HD Radio 'Knowledge Gap' Persists - Most radio listeners may have heard of the technology, but very few care. (Jan. 20)
Albert Knighten Fights FCC For His Pirate Radio Station - Electronic civil disobedience is alive and well, nearly 30 years after Mbanna Kantako led the way. (Jan. 16)
Clear Channel Radio changes name to Clear Channel Media and Entertainment - The phenomenon of media convergence claims a word, adds three. (Jan. 13)
Fort Myers loses community radio station until new law takes effect - Sad thing is, someone else will have to secure any potential LPFM license for Dunbar, because Kneighten is now banned as a lawbreaker. (Jan. 11)
NAB Engineers Focus on Asymmetric Sideband Report - Tweaking the digital power of FM-HD sidebands contains both benefits and tradeoffs. (Jan. 11)
In St. Louis, Emmis Pushes HD Radio - Radio World profiles the sales guy who won iBiquity's $5,000 contest for best marketing of an FM-HD subchannel. (Jan. 10)
Former FM 'pirate' works to change rules - The Philadelphia Inquirer profiles Prometheus founder Pete Tridish and asks for his predictions on LPFM's next expansion. (Jan. 9)
One step closer to low-power community radio - Radio Survivor notes the FCC's study of LPFM's economic impact on the radio industry. (Jan. 9)
Silenced 'voice' of Dunbar tries to state its case - Profile of Dunbar Community Radio; includes video. (Jan. 7)
Insignia: A Glimpse of Artist Experience - Radio World reviews the latest model of the only portable HD Radio receiver available in the U.S. market. (Jan. 6)

FCC report finds community radio doesn't hurt commercial stations - States the obvious, but removes an important hurdle to LPFM expansion. (Jan. 5)
HD Radio: It's Just Too Complicated (Part Two) - Where's the innovative new programming? (Jan. 3)
Isn't It Ironic? FCC's New Website Comes Short on Communication - It may be nice eye-candy, but finding substantive information is actually harder to do. (January)
Readers poll: HD naysayers remain - Inside Radio reader survey shows nearly half believe HD Radio will never find traction. (January)
Digital radio switchover - A handy Q-and-A about the U.K.'s digital radio transition. (2012)
I'm looking for a pirate... arrrG
Informative thread on how local broadcast engineers hunt down unlicensed radio stations. (2012)