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Future local LPFM radio being threatened by Calvary Chapel -
FRN Grapevine post by REC Networks details the coup-in-progress by the religious broadcast conglomerate to fill open LPFM frequencies with translators. (Dec. 26)
Police raid ship that broadcasts Arutz Sheva pirate radio station - One of the longest continuously-operating offshore pirate stations in the world is busted by Israeli authorities. (Dec. 24)
Michaels plotting next venture - Five months after getting booted from Clear Channel, former mega-broadcast executive Randy Michaels now sounds a little less flamboyant than he used to. (Dec. 23)
Radio Free Software - reports on the open-source software movement, designed to make microchips more universally useful; the first great leap involves radio reception without a radio. (Dec. 18)
Media Feudalism Under Siege - Column questions whether the moves by Big Media to lock down its content is due to protectionism or anti-competitive practice. (Dec. 11)
"Pirate" station features raw radio - A prude at the Chippewa Herald pens a blushing report on a new pirate station in town. (Dec. 9)
The effect? I'll tell you what the effect is - it's pissing me off! - Cotton Candy column from the Washington D.C. City Paper weighs in on the duel between the Future of Music Coalition and NAB over radio deregulation. (Dec. 6)
Piracy, Hip-Hop Style - The Denver Westword reports on the stir caused by Skyjack Radio's brief blaze on the airwaves. (Dec. 5)
A Solution to Low-Power Problems - LPAM station owner William Walker gets a guest commentary in Radio World to pitch the idea of legalizing LPAM at community-wide power levels. (Dec. 4)

If TiVo Thinks Your Are Gay, Here's How to Set it Straight -
The Wall Street Journal covers the troubling trend of automated profile-bots that try to fine-tune advertising to fit individual consumers. (Nov. 26)
The Military's New War of Words -
Commentary published in the Los Angeles Times questions the ethics of the Bush Administration's ramped-up propaganda efforts, both abroad and at home. (Nov. 24)
Deadline Hollywood: The Untold Story - From the L.A. Weekly: "How corporate takeovers make the media less curious." (Nov. 22)

A Former Radio Worker's Story - E.B. Stevenson laments how his dream of a career in radio was dashed by consolidation sparked by the 1996 Telecom Act; from Atlanta Indymedia. (Nov. 18)
NYSE Signs on as the Exclusive Sponsor of 'Infinity Radio Connect: American Security' - U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld takes calls from the public on two commercial radio stations in New York - and the entire venture is sponsored by the New York Stock Exchange! (Nov. 16)
Commercial Radio Hijacked - The "Institute for Applied Piracy" claims it took over a popular commercial station in Sydney, Australia and broadcast an anti-WTO manifesto. (Nov. 15)
Automated Radio Stations Miss Storm - The Toledo Blade reports on a Clear Channel cluster that stayed with the hits while twisters bore down all over. (Nov. 14)
Clear Channel hires Washington lobbyist - The San Antonio Business Journal reports on Clear Channel's acquisition of the chief House negotiator on the Telecom Act. (Nov. 13)
Tuning Out: Detroit Radio Loses Local Flavor - The Detroit News runs a multi-part special report detailing the history of local radio in the city and how consolidation as killed off an important part of the city's media environment. (Nov. 11)
Reading Services Concerned About Digital Radio - FM subcarrier signals - often used to carry reading services for the blind - are in jeopardy of interference from digital radio signals. (Nov. 6)
Porter Busts Norse for Taping Meeting - A Freak Radio Santa Cruz reporter is arrested by a city councilman at a public meeting. From the Santa Cruz IMC. (Nov. 5)
Advocacy Groups Rap Comcast Contact with FCC - Chairman of Comcast personally lobbies FCC Chairman Michael Powell to approve the company's merger with AT&T. (Nov. 4)
"Bang, Bang, Bang" - American Journalism Review reports on the dearth of radio news - and how what news is left is much more superficial. (November)
Strings Attached - "Adventures in Grant-Funded Journalism," published in the Columbia Journalism Review. (November)

Some Things Considered -
Although a couple of years late to the party, the East Bay Express rants about the anti-public nature of National Public Radio and its opposition to the LPFM rulemaking. (Oct. 30)
Money & Morals - Originally published in the Chicago Reader alternative weekly, this article describes public radio's gradual and inexorable slip toward commercialism. (Oct. 25)
No Community Voices Wanted - Commentary published in Extra! laments how the "professionalization of public radio" leads to less access to radio for the public. (Oct. 22)

Digital Radio: Small Guys' Ruin? - Wired News reports on what critics of digital radio are saying about the future of the medium. (Oct. 18)
Mediageek: What a Red Herring - Paul Riismandel slays the Associated Press for manufacturing problems about the radio industry while completely missing the real issues at hand. (Oct. 13)

FCC Approves IBOC; Powell Calls Order 'Historic' - Radio World reports the projected rollout of IBOC digital audio broadcasting. (Oct. 10)
FCC Selects Digital Radio Technology - The agency's news release on the adoption of IBOC as the standard for U.S. digital radio. (Oct. 10)

The dark secret kept hidden for 50 years: how a global media empire was built on a lie - From the London Independent: a scathing indictment of the Bertelsmann media empire for its previously-unrecognized ties to the Nazi regime. (Oct. 9)
Motorola chip set digitally tweaks analog radio - The new product is broken down by EE Times, who provides a more technical review. (Oct. 1)

Radio Killed the Radio Star - Former managing editor of Gavin magazine laments the sorry state of radio by attending the NAB convention. (Oct. 1)
Clear Channel Stumbles -
The Fall 2002 edition of Media Alliance's MediaFile contains a succinct overview of Clear Channel Communications and why it's a danger to democracy. (October)
Reporters Without Borders Publishes First Annual Global Press Freedom Index - The United States, home of the First Amendment, ranks #17, below Costa Rica but above Benin. (October)

As Digital Radio Stumbles, New Products Fill the Gap - The New York Times covers Motorola's announcement of enhanced analog receivers and ponders digital broadcasting. (Sept. 30)
Letter from Washington: The Chairman - The New Yorker's eloquent prose provides some interesting insights into FCC Chairman Michael Powell. (Sept. 30)

NPR Losing Stations to Religious Broadcaster - Article on American Family Association's move to snap up real estate on the low end of the FM dial. (Sept. 25)
Radio Static - "Protesters decry media consolidation at national broadcasters' conference." From The Stranger. (Sept. 25)
Seattle Weekly: Inside Radio - Geov Parrish visits both the NAB conference and the counter-convention, but forgot to listen to the dial. (Sept. 20)
Media Future: Risk of Monopoly? - The Christian Science Monitor reports on the FCC's pending effort to further relax media ownership limits. Have we reached a breaking point? (Sept. 19)
microBLAST! 2002 UPDATE - From Seattle IMC: Preliminary report on the Mosquito Fleet's activities. (Sept. 16)
Counter NAB: 16 Billboards "Liberated" - From Seattle IMC: Quick report and a picture. (Sept. 15)
NAB Demo Footage - From Seattle IMC: Shot at Reclaim the Media! events in Seattle on 9/14, requires Windows Media Player. (Sept. 15)

Reclaim the Media Photographs 9/13/02 - From Seattle IMC: Shots from the rallies in Freeway Park and the panel sessions at Town Hall. (Sept. 14)
Renowned journalists preach democratic media at a packed Seattle Town Hall - From Seattle IMC: A brief report with four photos from the keynote event of the Reclaim the Media! conference. (Sept. 14)
Negativland Uses Mosquito Fleet to Bite Clear Channel and the NAB - From Seattle IMC: As reported by Mediageek's Paul Riismandel, who heard the whole thing go down. (Sept. 13)
Justice Airwaves Mobilization takes it to the Shortwaves - From Seattle IMC: The keepers of 101.1 FM for the Mosquito Fleet also fire up on shortwave for a time. (Sept. 12)
Randy Michaels: Wal-Mart Is My Hero - Former bigshot in charge of Clear Channel's radio division lays out his philosophy for broadcasting in Radio Ink. (Sept. 6)
The Digital Challenge: Are You Prepared? - Abstract of KPMG's report on the corporate media's futile efforts to lock down intellectual property. Covers six of the 10 largest global media companies. (September)

Comsearch Awarded Subcontract For Low Power FM Interference Study - The corporate press release announces the start of the project. (Aug. 28)
This Media Life: Apocalypse Now - The New York Metro's Michael Wolffe wonders if Big Media is getting too big to be business-friendly. (Aug. 26)
Bracing for the Digital Crackdown - It's only a matter of time before file sharing becomes a crime, says Wired News. (Aug. 22)
Media Politics: Tackling the NAB - Seattle IMC previews the upcoming Reclaim the Media conference, to be held during the National Association of Broadcasters' annual radio convention in September. (Aug. 21)
Wireless channel use sets up turf battle - Starbucks isn't just muscling in on the coffee market : they have designs on the airwaves as well. (Aug. 19)
FCC Orders Switch to Digital TV
- Tired of the delays, FCC makes 2007 the year TV weans off analog. (Aug. 8)
Murky Water for Clear Channel
- A third in a series of Wired news reports on Clear Channel - this one details how the company's run afoul of regulators - and possibly the law - recently. (Aug. 7)
Radio's Titan Hits the Skids
- Salon's continuing coverage of Clear Channel pokes fun at the run bad publicity for the company. (Aug. 7)
"Good Mornin' (Your Town Here)"
- Wired news covers Clear Channel's widespread practice of voice tracking. (Aug. 6)
Clear Cutting the Radio Forest - Wired news profiles how Clear Channel decimated the San Diego radio market as an example of its practices nationwide. (Aug. 5)

Corporate radio has pulled the plug on many a radio personality -
The San Diego Union-Tribune reports on the shrinking number of voices to be found on the radio dial. (Jul. 30)
Can't Keep a Good Monk Down
- The Boulder Weekly has another writeup of Boulder Free Radio and its latest round of cat-and-mouse with the FCC. (Jul. 18)
Pirate Radio is Still Afloat - Radio World updates the broadcast industry on the health of the microradio movement. (Jul. 17)
Left of the Dial - Knoxville, Kentucky's Metro Pulse covers the activities of KFAR - First Amendment Radio - and other noncommercial stations in the area. (Jul. 11)
IBOC and the Birth of Feature-Rich Radio - From an ally in the fight to save LPFM comes a wholehearted endorsement of digital radio. Note the rejection of democracy. (Jul. 3)
Net radio raises a pirate flag - C-net covers the launch of Streamer, the first foray into peer-to-peer webcasting - designed to circumvent the need to stream radio from a central server. (Jul. 3)
Memo to: Media Monopolists - Sarcastic diatribe on the multiple downsides of media conglomeration from FastCompany. (July)

On-air radio hoax causes humiliation, prompts lawsuit -
"Bruce Da Moose," one of the brightest bulbs at WBTT (A Clear Channel station), drops an STD bomb on an unsuspecting woman live on the air. (Jun. 21)
PAC-ing a Punch -
WestWord sheds some light on Clear Channel's newly-formed political action committee. (Jun. 20)
Kate Sullivan's Rockblog: Interview with Mel Karmazin -
Blogger goes one-on-one with the president of Viacom. Contains some candid comments from Mel on the radio industry. (Jun. 8)
Hey, Mr. DJ, open the request line -
USA Today provides bare-bones coverage of the hyper-consolidation in radio debate. At least they wrote something... (Jun. 5)
Access Denied! - Sound and Vision magazine provides a great overview of how new digital copy protection schemes will make you pay to play, over and over.... (June)
Blockade the Airwaves - "Piquetero TV in Argentina"; comprehensive article courtesy of Metamute. (June)

Look Out, Corporate America, Here Comes My Pirate Radio Station - The Onion pokes fun at so-called "vanity" pirate broadcasters. (May 29)
Mega Hurts - The Washington Post puts a local spin on the "Clear Channel is huge" theme by talking with execs at the company's D.C.-area station cluster. (May 29)
South Side Sound Salvation - The Pittsburgh City Paper highlights South Side Radio, which broadcast the oral history of the surrounding neighborhood from the roof of a public library until the FCC silenced it in September 2004. (May 22)
Unshackling Big Media - Neil Hickey provides an in-depth analysis of the Powell philosophy of media regulation; courtesy of the Columbia Journalism Review. (May)

LPFM Rollout Creeps Along
- Radio World reports that the program can't fully get moving until Congress and the FCC settle some unfinished issues. (Apr. 24)
Haitian broadcasters blast pirate stations
- Haitians have been instrumental in keeping the microradio flame alive. IndypressNY gives a good nationwide snapshot of the scene. (Apr. 23)
In low power FM fight, who's more local? - Current magazine sheds light on the influence of foundations and organized religion on the redevelopment of low power FM radio in America. (Apr. 8)
Radio pirates trivialize issues - The Knoxville Daily Beacon knocks Citadel Communications for mimicking a local pirate station during a format change, and praises First Amendment Radio for keeping things real. (Apr. 8)
Pirate radio station marks 7 years on the air - Freak Radio Santa Cruz gets positive coverage from the local paper, the Sentinel. (Apr. 1)

Washington Tunes In
Eric Boehlert's continuing Salon series on Clear Channel focuses on how Congress is starting to feel uneasy about the company's political arrogance. (Mar. 27)

Pirate radio station silenced in Asheville - Indymedia post gives a good summary of Free Radio Asheville's raid; the DJ on the air was arrested, but not charged with the crime of unlicensed broadcasting. (Mar. 26)
Media Reformers Rally in D.C. - Alternet story describes the Angels of the Public Interest's descent on FCC headquarters. (Mar. 25)
Public Interest Angels Descend on FCC - Indymedia report details the protest by the Angels of the Public Interest outside FCC headquarters. (Mar. 24)

Pirates with headphones - The San Francisco Chronicle applauds the FCC's action to add LPFM stations to dials around the country. (Mar. 6)
Dead Air: Corporate Radio uses Regulations to Stamp out Competition - Article in Liberty For All online magazine discusses the radio industry's collusion with the FCC to find and bust pirates, and what it all means for freedom of speech from a libertarian perspective. (Mar. 3)
Pirate broadcasters get a boost from free-speech ruling; Court tosses ban on licenses for low-power rebels - The San Francisco Chronicle reports the temporary tossing of Congress' "anti-pirate" ban on participation in the LPFM service. (Mar. 3)
Radio Daze - From Boston Magazine: "New York shock jocks, the same damn songs played over and over, media megamonsters — who took the "Boston" out of Boston radio?" (March)

Media Monsters - From the Boulder Weekly: "The ongoing, insidious effects of the 1996 Telecommunications Act." (Feb. 28)
Salon Books: Rebels on the Air Review - Very positive review of Rebels on the Air, published in late 2001 on the history of alternative radio in America (Feb. 11)
Don't touch that dial, or, the Triumph of the Grumps - "One Reason Why People Tire of Freedom" - A slightly cynical - yet very pointed - commentary on the necessity of choice on the radio dial (February)
IMADR Home Page Interview: Human Rights Radio - The International Movement Against Discrimination and Racism interviews Mbanna Kantako on the history and mission of HRR. (February)
Litigation: Living Waters Bible Church v. Town of Enfield - News release from the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, who has gotten involved in the case of a church-founded LPFM station getting stonewalled by local zoning authorities (February)

Digital Killed the Radio Star - Great article debunking the greatness of the coming Digital Radio age, originally published in the Indypendent, the newspaper of the NYC Independent Media Center (Jan. 31) Dominion Dissenter Takes to the Airwaves
- Scroll toward the bottom of the page to find this headline - Chris Maxwell, founder of and a tireless supporter of LPFM, takes his beef with the Richmond City Council on the air (Jan. 22)
Monopoly Money
- The Boston Phoenix sounds the alarm over FCC Chairman Michael Powell's insistent desire to sell off the public airwaves (Jan. 10)
What's Wrong With This Picture? - Mark Crispin Miller explains the oligopolistic octopus that the media industry has become. (Jan. 7)