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Rogue Radio Research
Dedicated to the scholarly research of micro-communication.

Tetsuo Kogawa - Micro Radio
Japan's microradio pioneer tinkers with both radio's technological and social powers.

Sealand, HavenCo, and the Rule of Law
The University of Illinois Law Review examines unorthodox attempts to challenge national boundaries. (2012)

Turn Up The Radio: Fostering Community Media Collaboration
The New America Foundation explores how a local radio station can be used as an anchor for a wide variety of community media projects. (8/5/11)

The Legacy of Tactical Media
An impressive pamphlet on the history and benefits of media by "any means necessary." (2011)

Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio in Canada
Online site for the book of the same name. (2010)

Mass Media and Social Movements
A Global Research-published critical analysis of "the relation between the mainstream media and social movements." (4/22/08)

WPCC: Community Radio
A special edition of the University of Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design's journal dedicated to exploring various aspects of community radio around the world. (March 2008)

Association for Progressive Communications - DTV and Radio Report
PDF copy of a report that critiques the democratic potentiality of digitizing broadcast media, especially in developing countries. (10/2007)

What's Going On In Community Media?
The Benton Foundation surveys the landscape of the different types and forms of community media available, and makes recommendations for strengthening strong models. (August 2007)

Liberation Frequency
Article in The Sociological Quarterly about the modern U.S. microradio movement. (10/2006)

LPFM Survey
Maps the "general characteristics" of LPFM stations via survey. (2006)

The Free Radio Movement, its Impact on Radio, and Implications for Democracy in Media
Senior thesis from Peter Brinson (New College of Florida) containing extensive case studies of microradio station operations and the microradio movement's larger ties to overall ideals of media democracy. Microsoft Word format link above, an AppleWorks version of the thesis is also available (2002)

Mediageek File: Pirate/Free Radio
Paul Riismandel of Mediageek fame consolidates his ruminations on unlicensed broadcasting.

Alliance for Community Media White Papers
A collection of papers presented at the ACM's annual conference.

Radio Is Our Bomb
A three-part treatise on radio and the public good.

'Listen or Die': A History of the punk hardcore pirate station 'Radio Death,' Amsterdam, 1985-1987
The relationship between punk rock and revolutionary politics is a delicate one, as this is article/paper on Radio Dood describes. Includes many first-person anecdotes from participants in the raucous experiment.

Radio Conversation with Tetsuo Kogawa
Interesting exchange about mini-FM between media theoretician Josephine Bosma and Kogawa, the Japanese pioneer of mini-FM stations as cultural tool.

Simon Reynolds: Rave/Jungle on UK Pirate Radio
An uncut chapter from his book.

Pirate Radio Broadcasts, 1998-2001: State-Backed Discrimination
The Keshev Center for the Protection of Democracy in Israel details the favoritism granted right-wing political pirates by the Israeli government. (May 2001)

Seizing the Media
From the Immediast Underground pamphlet series. (1992)