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Mbanna Kantako

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2011: Ph.D., Communications and Media, Institute of Communications Research, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Dissertation: Radio's Digital Dilemma: Broadcasting in the 21st Century.
Dissertation Committee: Michelle R. Nelson, John Nerone (advisor), Christian Sandvig, Dan Schiller.

2004: M.A., Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Thesis: A Can of Worms: Pirate Radio as Public Intransigence on the Public Airwaves.
Thesis Committee: James L. Baughman, Robert Drechsel, Douglas M. McLeod (advisor).

1996: B.A., cum laude, Broadcast Journalism and Humanities, Valparaiso University.
Named Outstanding Senior in Communication; member of Christ College, the Honors College of Valparaiso University.

Research Interests
History and critical studies of media, with focus on broadcast law and policy; independent and interventionist media systems, including new media phenomenon such as remix culture; the practical effects of convergent media activity on traditional mass media platforms and the practice of journalism.

Academic Experience
2012-Present: Assistant Professor and Director of Broadcast Journalism, Department of Television and Radio, Brooklyn College, City University of New York.
Description: Teach courses in broadcast production, journalism history and ethics, and media policy. Oversee the Bachelor of Science degree program in Broadcast Journalism (~100 students); responsible for curricular review and development, student advising and course approval, contingent faculty hiring, and strengthening collaboration between journalism faculty throughout the CUNY system.

2011-12: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institute of Communications Research, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Description: Awarded for the development of critical communications research in the ICR tradition; primarily used to develop a book manuscript and journal articles on issues of communications policy.

2009-10: Research Assistant, Profs. Sarah Projansky & C.L. Cole (Associate Heads of Media & Cinema Studies), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Description: Handled multiple tasks related to the identification and correlation of materials related to each professor’s ongoing research and teaching duties.

2008-09: Instructor, Economics of the Media (Media Studies 264), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Description: Singularly responsible for developing the syllabus, curriculum, and all teaching/grading duties for one of the College of Media’s core undergraduate courses for three consecutive semesters.

2007-08: Instructor, Introduction to the Media (Communications 101) [2 sections], University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Description: Used curricular template provided by the College of Media to teach on introductory media issues, including discussions of socio-cultural, economic, and political media theories and effects.

Applied Experience
2012-Present: Vice President, Board of Directors, free103point9.
Description: Provide strategic oversight to a non-profit arts organization that works to define and cultivate the transmission arts through the operation of a study center, community radio station (WGXC-FM), and online archive of artists and works.

2011-2012: Member, Programming Committee and News Producer, WORT-FM.
Description: Listener-sponsor representative. Assisted in the creation of program audit procedures and with the organization and execution of audience/volunteer research. As News Producer: worked with the In Our Backyard collective to develop and produce stories for WORT’s daily half-hour signature news broadcast. WORT is a listener-supported, volunteer-run community radio station covering southern Wisconsin for nearly 40 years.

2009-10: Member, Board of Directors and RPM Genre Coordinator, WEFT-FM.
Description: Served on the executive governing body of WEFT, a listener-supported, volunteer-run community radio station covering east-central Illinois for more than 30 years. Collaborated on the drafting of budgets, station policies, personnel items, and fundraising/outreach activities. As Genre Coordinator: maintained industry relationships for the acquisition of new music; organized the genre’s collection in the station’s music library, including promoting new music to WEFT’s airstaff; compiled weekly charts for music industry publication-reporting; and served on the station’s Music Committee, responsible for setting music program and library policy.

2004-07: Founding Producer, Media Minutes, sponsored by the Illinois Initiative for Media Policy Research and Free Press.
Description: Designed and constructed a broadcast-quality news production studio on campus. Developed the format of Media Minutes; was responsible for story development, production, post-production, and distribution.

2005-06: Founding Member and Training/Membership Coordinator, WRFU-LP.
Description: Collectively constructed the organizational backbone of WRFU, the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center’s LPFM radio station. Served as a project manager for the station’s barnaraising. Wrote WRFU’s original station manual, collected membership dues from airshfiters, and participated in the design of the station’s main studio.

2003: Coordinated microradio and online simulcast of keynote, plenaries, and other selected sessions of the first National Conference for Media Reform.

2001-04: Co-founding Producer, Workers Independent News, sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Extension School for Workers.
Description: Designed and constructed a broadcast-quality studio on campus, later redesigned and expanded off-campus. Collaboratively developed the format and distribution infrastructure of WIN; served as primary anchor for the program; developed and produced headline and feature stories. WIN celebrates its 10th broadcast anniversary in 2012.

1994-2000: Award-winning radio journalist for stations and networks in Wisconsin and Indiana; stringer for national and international networks.
Description: From 1994-97, served as Morning Anchor and Lead Reporter for WAKE/WLJE (Valparaiso, IN). From 1998-1999, served as Anchor/Reporter at WTDY-AM (Madison, WI). From 1999-2000, served as Morning Anchor/Assignment Editor at the Wisconsin Radio Network (Madison, WI). Provided stories when appropriate to ABC, NBC, CNN Radio, NPR, and BBC Five Live.

1994-96: General Manager and Music Director, WVUR-FM, Valparaiso, IN.
Description: Chief operator of Valparaiso University’s student-run radio station. Oversaw a staff of 10 and worked closely with student government, Communications faculty, and university administration to upgrade WVUR’s studio and transmission infrastructure. Integrated the station into the Communications Department’s curriculum. Managed all contacts with music industry radio promoters for the collection, playback, and reporting of all new music on WVUR.

Selected Publications
1997-present: (née; news/analysis, feature stories, multimedia production/archival.

Radio's Digital Dilemma: Broadcasting in the Twenty-First Century. New York: Routledge.
"Radio's Digital Dilemma: When Ideology Trumps Science." European Journalism Observatory, March 26.

"Beyond the Series of Tubes: Strategies for Advancing Media Reform." In Regulating the Web: Network Neutrality and the Fate of the Open Internet. Lanham, MD: Lexington, 201-219.
"Money or Nothing: Confederate Postal System Collapse During the Civil War," American Journalism, vol. 30, no. 1 (2013): 65-86.

"Radio Broadcasting's Digital Dilemma," Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, vol. 19, no. 2 (May 2013; first published online via SAGEfirst on 20 September 2012).

"Public FCC Files on the Chopping Block," Radio Survivor, 27 April.
"WIBA and Vicki McKenna flout FCC rules to attack public employees," Isthmus Daily Page, 27 April.

"Digital Radio in the United States: Privatization of the Public Airwaves?" Southern Review: Communication, Politics and Culture, vol. 39, no. 2.
"Microradio Turns 21," Fresno Undercurrent, August.

"The God Squad on a Station Near You: Spectrum Speculation via FM Translator Station," Mediageek #3 (June).

"March of the Low-Band God Squad," The Wisconsinite, 20 July.
"Deep in the Lake," The Wisconsinite, 22 June.
"Pirate Radio Across the Nation," Mediageek #2 (June).
"Truthful Translations of Political Speech: Remixing the Bush II Agenda," Bad Subjects, Bush Culture Review Series.

Andrew Yoder, Pirate Radio Stations: Tuning in to Underground Broadcasts in the Air and Online (3rd ed., McGraw-Hill), chapters 9, 10, 13.

"Radio Active," Adbusters, July/August.
"Radio Free-For-All," Adbusters, March/April.
"From the Airwaves to the Streets," Adbusters, January/February.
"Radio in Revolt," Adbusters, August/September.

Interface: Reprogramming Digital Culture, issues 10-15; staff writer, various artist features and release reviews.

Selected Engagements and Appearances
-- Panelist, "Where is Labor's Voice," Left Forum, New York, 31 May.
-- Invited Respondent, Digital Life in 2025, Pew Research Center, 11 March.
-- Invited Speaker, "The Privatization of the Public Airwaves," Women's Press Collective, Brooklyn, 9 February.

-- Panelist, Supply/Demand I: Radio, Museum of Art and Design, New York, 14 March.
-- Presenter, "Radio's Digital Dilemma (book preview)," What is Radio? Exploring the Past, Present, and Future of Radio, University of Oregon, Portland, 25-27 April.
-- Presenter, "Beyond Triage: Linking Media Literacy to Media Reform," Strategies for Media Reform: An International Workshop, London, 17 June.
-- Presenter, "Resuscitating Digital Radio in Policy and Practice," Union for Democratic Communications Annual Conference, San Francisco, 1-3 November.
-- Keynote Speaker, "It Could Be Worse," Community Broadcasting Association of Australia Annual Conference, Sydney, 14-17 November.
-- Presenter, "Practical History Research for Present Dilemmas" and "Transgressive Transmissions," Critical and Cultural Studies Divison, National Communication Association Annual Conference, Washington, D.C., 21-24 November.

-- Invited Participant, Transmission Arts Colloquim,, Hudson, NY, 12-14 October.

-- Invited Lecturer, "The (re)Evolution of Journalism," Department of Television and Radio, Brooklyn College, 20 December.
-- Presenter, “Global Radio’s Digital Dilemma,” Mass Communication Division, National Communication Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, 17-20 November.
-- Invited Roundtable Participant, “Leveraging Technologies of Resistance,” Association of Internet Researchers Annual Conference (v. 12.0), Seattle, 10-13 October.
-- Workshop Co-host, “Using Radio as a Medium” and “Building a Community-Driven Media Organization,” Democracy Convention, Madison, 24-28 August.

-- Invited Speaker, "Behind Radio's Digital Dilemma," ICR Proseminar II, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Spring semester (Prof. Angharad Valdivia).
-- Roundtable Moderator, "Political Economy of Communicaton," First Annual Institute of Communications Research Alumni & Friends Reunion Conference, University of Illinois at Urbana-Chamopaign, 12-13 February.

-- Presenter, "The Democratic Potentiality of Convergence Studies," Mass Communication Division, National Communication Association Annual Conference, Chicago, 12-15 November.
-- Roundtable Participant, "The Triumph of Collective Action?," Association of Internet Researchers Annual Conference (v. 10.0), Milwaukee, 7-11 October.
-- Guest Lecturer, "Alternative Media Tools," Seminar in Culture and Communication (COMM 490), University of Illinois at Chicago, 26 September (Camille Yale).

-- Invited Participant, Access To Communication And Democratic Media Infrastructures In The Digital Environment: The Impact Of Convergence Digitalisation On Community Media Policy And Practice, Exploratory Workshop sponsored by the European Science Foundation, Budapest, 13-15 May.

-- Invited Lecturer, "The History and Future of Pirate Radio," Department of Radio-Television and College of Mass Communication and Media Arts, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 26 February.
-- FM Transmitter Construction Workshop Co-coordinator, Studio Arts Practice (MCMA 557), Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 25 February (Prof. Jay Needham).

-- Presenter: "U.S. Radio Regulation's Early Crisis of Confidence," Mass Communication Division, National Communication Association Annual Conference, Chicago, 15-18 November.
-- Presenter: "Godcasting on the March: Spectrum Speculation via FM Translator Station," Union for Democratic Communications Annual Conference, Vancouver, 25-28 October.
-- Co-Presenter: "Microradio: Tactical Overview and Deployment Opportunities," Global Fusion Conference, St. Louis, 7-9 September.
-- Presenter: "Radio Content and Control in a Post-Digital Environment," International Communication Association Annual Conference, San Francisco, 24-28 May.

-- Presenter: "Radio's Digital Lockdown," SSRC/Free Press Media Policy Research Pre-conference to National Conference for Media Reform, Memphis, TN, 11 January.

-- Presenter, "HD Radio As Digital Boondoggle: A Critical Review of IBOC-DAB," Mass Communication Division, National Communication Association Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX, 16-19 November.
-- Guest Lecturer, "Convergence and Journalistic Opportunity," Media Literacy (COMM 166), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Fall semester (Prof. Ivy Glennon).

-- Presenter, "Utility vs. Commodity: Framing the Provision of Broadband," Communication Technology Division, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Annual Conference, San Francisco, 2-5 August.
-- Presenter, "Postal System Development During the Civil War," History Division, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Annual Conference, San Francisco, 2-5 August.
-- Workshop Host, "Microradio: Tactical Overview and Operations," NYC Grassroots Media Conference, New York, 11 February.

-- Guest Lecturer, "Convergence and Journalistic Opportunity," Media Literacy (COMM 166), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Fall semester (Prof. Ivy Glennon).

-- Workshop Host, "Microradio: Overview and Operations," Allied Media Conference, Bowling Green, OH, 17-19 June.
-- Presenter, "Politics and Web Collage," Collage as Cultural Practice (Obermann Humanities Symposium), Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, 24-26 March.
-- Presenter, "Digital Radio's Brave New World," UICC Conference, Urbana, 18 March.
-- Guest Lecturer, "Media Collage: the Ultimate Subvertising," Consumer Communication and the Public (ADV 410), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Spring semester (Prof. Inger Stole).

-- Presenter, "What's Up At the FCC" and "Making Alternative Media," RAD: Radio, Access, Democracy, Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Minneapolis, MN, 29-30 October.
Guest Lecturer, "An Introduction to the Political Economy of Broadcasting," Contemporary Moral Issues (Phil 341), University of Wisconsin-Madison, Spring semester (Tim Hansel).

-- Guest Lecturer, "Culture Jamming with Collage," Mass Media and the Consumer (J646), University of Wisconsin-Madison (Prof. Michelle R. Nelson).

-- Workshop Co-host, "Microradio: DIY Broadcasting," Be the Media! shadow conference to National Conference for Media Reform, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 8 November.
-- Presenter and Workshop Co-host, "Launching WINS" and "Radio Production," Labor Media Conference, Chicago, IL, 17-18 October.
-- Presenter, "Bring Labor Back to Radio," and "Microbroadcasting," LaborTech/Access 2003, Stanford University, 5 April.

-- Workshop Co-host, "Media Practices for Labor Leaders: Projection and Production," Madison Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension School for Workers.

Selected Media Interviews
A Public Affair (WORT-FM, Madison), "Celebrating World Radio Day," 13 February.

The Isthmus,"Power Grab: Community Radio Stations Offer an Alternative to Cookie-Cutter Corporate Programming," 17 November.
Radio World, "Pirate Fines Are Often Tough to Collect," 16 November.
Christian Science Monitor, "Less mobile Internet. Cheaper price. But a fair deal?," 15 March.

Radio Survivor, "New FCC net neutrality rules good for Internet radio? Probably not," 22 December.
Pirates Week,
"Pirate Radio Report w/Skidmark Bob," 18 July.
(Free Radio Santa Cruz), "IP Copwatch," 13 July.
A Critical Ear (WRFU-LP, Urbana), "Digital Radio," 4 March.

Mediageek (WNUR-FM, Evanston/Chicago), "FCC Chair Introduces New Net Neutrality Principles," 26 September.
Dorchester (MA) Reporter, "New FCC Nominee Brings Ray of Hope for Low-Power Radio," 12 March.
Mediageek, "Charting the Economic Decline of Radio / More on Radio's Downfall," 19 February.
Mediageek, "2008 Year in Review / FCC Enforcement Action 2008," 1 January.

Mediageek (WEFT-FM, Champaign), "The Nation's Biggest Pirates Merge," 1 August.
Mediageek, "Community Radio in Eastern Europe," 27 June.
"Digital Radio in Europe," 20 June.
Operation: Ear Infection
(Free Radio Santa Cruz), "PRO IP Act, ACTA Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Interview with John Anderson," 17 June.
Recherche (Germany), "Digitalization and Community Media", 28 May.
"Stand-Ins Warming the Bench for Comacast at the FCC Hearing," 29 February.
Operation: Ear Infection
, "State of Media 2008," 12 February.
Mediageek, "NAB's FM Spectrum Grab Isn't About Radio," 8 February.

Mediageek, "Year-End Wrap Up pt. 2," 21 December.
Mediageek, "Year-End Wrap Up pt. 1," 14 December.
Mediageek , "Radio Piracy is Up, FCC Action is Up, But What's the Story Behind the Numbers," 5 October.
A Public Affair
, "Digital Broadcasting," 1 October.
, "Fruits of the NAB's Labor on Satellite Radio," 20 July.

In Our Backyard (WORT), "Webcasting Royalty Rate Controversy," 13 June.
Mediageek, "Wal-Mart America's Biggest Pirate?," 2 March.
Mediageek, "Live from the National Conference for Media Reform," 12 January.

Mediageek, "Year-End Wrap-Up," 22 December.
"Community Radio Pioneer Jeremy Lansman," 13 October.
Associated Press, "Pirate Radio Challenges Feds," 20 September.
Mediageek, "The Exploitation of Translators," 18 August.
Associated Press, "Wyoming community moves toward municipal high-speed network," 5 August.
Berkeley Liberation Radio, "Sitting in on the World Cruise," 5 August.
Free Radio Santa Cruz, "Airshift Hijack with the V-Man," 4 August.
Mediageek, "Independent Media Makers Ally Together at AMC 2006," 16 June.
Sounds of Dissent (WZBC-FM, Boston), "Calvary Imploding," 27 May.
Mediageek, "Internecine Battles in Christian Radioland," 26 May.
Columbia Journalism Review, "Out of Thin Air," March/April.
Mediageek, "HD Radio: Hi-Definition or High Dollar Scam?," 17 February.

Punk Planet, "Voices At Radio's End," September/October.
Mediageek, "Microradio in Times of Crisis," 9 September.
ree Radio Santa Cruz, "Interview with John Anderson," 24 May.
Mediageek, "Robert McChesney Discusses Media Reform and Independent Media," 8 April.
Sounds of Dissent, "CSN International," 5 March.
Mediageek, "Christian Broadcasters Trafficking in Low-Power Translator Stations," 4 March.
Mediageek, "LPFM and LPAM, With or Without the Law," 18 February.

, "2004 Year in Review," 31 December.
Mediageek, "What's Going On in the World of Radio," 11 June.
Mediageek, "U.S. Atty General Contacts Radio Free Brattleboro," 23 January.
Invisible Ink (KALW-FM, San Francisco), "'Pirate' Radio," 11 January.
Mediageek, "Live report from the National Conference on Media Reform and Be the Media!," 7 November.

Denver Westword, "The Message," 25 September.
Mediageek, "Microradio Update," 29 August.
Mediageek, "What's Happening in the Pirate Radio World," 13 June.

Mediageek, "Year-end Wrap Up with John Anderson," 27 December., "Pirates of the Airwaves," 6 September.

Denver Westword, "Frequency Free-for-All," 11 October.
Denver Westword, "The Making of a Pirate," 4 October.

, "Radio Active," June.
CMJ New Music Monthly, "Pump Up the Volume," May.

2014: United States Postal Service Moroney Award for Scholarship in Postal History (Junior Scholar), for "Money or Nothing: Confederate Postal System Collapse During the Civil War."

2013: Recipient of PSC-CUNY Research Award to help with completion and promotion of Radio's Digital Dilemma.

2013: Recipient of Dean's Travel Award, School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts, Brooklyn College.

2013: Recipient of William Stewart Travel Award, CUNY Academy for the Humanities and Sciences.

2010: Finalist, Specialty Music Director of the Year, CMJ College Radio Awards.

2009: Named Outstanding Instructor in Media Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Spring semester.

2006: Top Three Student Paper, for "Utility vs. Commodity: Framing the Provision of Broadband," AEJMC Communication Technology Division, San Francisco, 2-5 August.

1998: Best Use of Audio, Wisconsin Broadcasters' Association, for "Unmoderated Babble," WTDY (Madison).

Extracurricular Accomplishments
2013-Present: Department Representative (primary), Brooklyn College Faculty Council.

2013-Present: Member, CUNY Journalism Discipline Council, housed in the Graduate School of Journalism.

2012-Present: Member, Himan Brown Scholarship for the Spoken Word Award Committee, Department of Television and Radio, Brooklyn College.

2012: Paper Reviewer, Journalism Studies Division, International Communication Association.

2012: Article Reviewer, Critical Studies in Media Communication.

2011: Article Reviewer, Communication Theory.

2007-2011: RPM (electronic music) genre director and host of "Poodles Ahoy," a weekly radio program on WEFT.

2007: Playtester, PACTLAB InnisMod (Prof. Christian Sandvig).

2006-07: Co-coordinator of Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities Reading Group on Democratic Communications.

2006-07: ICR Representative, College of Media Student Advisory Council, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

2006: Credited as Historical Adviser for Pirate Radio USA documentary.

2004-05: Compiled The Black Boognish, a mashup EP involving Jay-Z's Black Album with music from Ween, inspired by DJ Dangermouse and the rest. Tracks and other audio collage can be found here.

2002: Broadcast Participant (102.1 FM), "Mosquito Fleet Stings NAB," Seattle, WA, 9-14 September.

2000-04: Primary Facilitator, "System P" (87.9 MHz), Madison, WI.

1993: Founding Student Member, Valparaiso University Storm Intercept Team (VUSIT).

Available upon request.