New Tracks from Wax Audio; Free Passes to Free Press Conference

Tom Compagnoni first dropped the world-leaders-as-rappers tip last year with WMD…and other distractions. He’s back (with crew) as Wax Audio, featuring a new album, Mediacracy. It’s a broader sonic critique of the geopolitical follies of the last couple of years, with special attention given to the media’s role in them. Not as much rapping, save GWB’s cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” which is a feat in and of itself. Several of the cuts will eventually make their way into Truthful Translations this week but you can get ’em direct at a better bitrate from the link above. Continue reading “New Tracks from Wax Audio; Free Passes to Free Press Conference”

Black Boognish Project Online

Given my personal penchant for Ween, when I heard wxm had no online distribution for his mashup project I was quick to volunteer. Therefore, The Black Boognish now has a permanent home at and as each track is completed it will premiere there. Two tracks are in the can so far; a third, “HIV Problems,” is in production now. wxm says he hopes to finish a track a week, meaning the project will take three months minimum to finish. If you’ve got suggestions on mashup ingredients hit him up via e-mail.

Just When Jay-Z Thought He Was Safe…

Last year it was all the rage: the acapella version of Jay-Z’s Black Album got mashed up with a plethora of unlikely accompaniment. There was The Grey Album (Beatles), The Slack Album (Pavement), The Double Black Album (Metallica), The Black and Blue Album (Weezer), The Black Album Unplugged (Nirvana), and many more.
The saga continues now with Jay-Ween. The album, The Black Boognish, may be late to the party and it’s still early in the production stage but one rough track is now in the wild. Enjoy:
Homo Service Announcement (MP3, 2:48, 6.5 MB)

Freak Radio Returns; Translations Top 300

Less than a month off the air. Not bad after getting cleaned out in a show of force by the FCC.
Technically, Free Radio Santa Cruz is still just webcasting. It seems that an unaffiliated group called SCRAM (Santa Cruz Radio Access Movement) is relaying the stream, tech specs unknown, but good news nonetheless. Continue reading “Freak Radio Returns; Translations Top 300”

Preemptive Collage: First Debate

John Kerry is deleted from the picture and replaced by Wordsworth, speaking for the hip hop generation. Produced and online nearly two months before the debate actually took place:
Slam Bush (1:51, Quicktime required)
By the time the weekend is through Truthful Translations will crest the 200 GWB collage mark. Part of me hopes it helps oust this f*cker; another part says “four more years” just so the creativity keeps flowing.

Ear Candy Expansion

A massive weekend update to the Featured MP3s section of the site nearly doubles its size. Lots of new tracks about pirate radio and media freedom from the likes of Anti-Flag, The Clash, David Rovics, Eric Idle, Steve Earle, and Utah Phillips, among many others.
As a part of this project the music section of the DIYmedia store has also been overhauled, although I’ve yet to add links to many of the works featured in the Media Collage section of the site. Most links point to Insound, an independent retailer of everything from CD/DVDs to zines. Their selection isn’t perfect but it’s the principle here that counts.
Next up will be a long-overdue update to the bookstore, which is woefully out of date at present.

The Counter Never Lies: Truthful Translations Top 180

In celebration of this dubiously monumental occasion (just in case we stall or get raided before hitting 200), enjoy the introduction to Margaret Thatcher’s [manipulated] “Tribute to Reagan,” added to the gallery as part of the latest update:
As Prime Minister I will never forget my c*nt being eaten by Ronnie at the Geneva Summit. He told a priest after his recovery. And in the midst of hysteria, he transformed into an engine of love.
Yes. Yes. Deeper. Yes…Easy big fella. And ultimately, he came, firing a shot up my terrible cold, dark corridor, and pressed down on my breasts. Continue reading “The Counter Never Lies: Truthful Translations Top 180”

Dept. of Corrections On A Roll

Check these new tracks from one of the most prolific artists doing Truthful Translations. These don’t quite fit there, but are definitely worth sharing:
Memorial Day Mix 2004 (MP3, 5:56, 4.8 MB) – Not for warmongers; features George C. Scott, System of a Down, George Carlin, Willem Dafoe, the Fearless Leader….and ear-opening news on unit casualties and depleted uranium contamination in Iraq.
Unit 227 – (MP3, 1:23, 1.2 MB) – The D.O.C. vs. NBC in Afghanistan, with cinema-clip zingers. Definitely not for warmongers.

Chopping Fox News Channel, F*cking the FCC Python-Style

FauxNews more than deserves treatment like this:
KGB TV (MP3, 4:59, 5.8 MB) – Courtesy of rx.
There are several threaded digs at the network’s spin laced in here, very cool. One of these days I plan to make more collage galleries, and one of those will be media collage on media. Continue reading “Chopping Fox News Channel, F*cking the FCC Python-Style”